Sorry no fun pictures for this one. And normally I don’t do politics here…. But this is a historical event and so I simply can’t ignore it.I come from NE. I was born here in liberalville. I was raised in liberalville, and ultimately settled in liberalville. I make no  secret of being a raving liberal. My perspective is liberal for Scandianvia and yes, I can claim that with authority due to all the time I have spent over there. So, If I am honest, I am all for impeaching the orange russian asset.

But there are some who view it very differently. I have my opinions about that too if I am honest. But this post isn’t about anything but marking an event. I am not here to attack anyone. I am not here to validate either side.

What I am saying though is important…. You can’t complain about this and sound sane or not bought off if you are the party that once impeached over pardon my adult language a blow job. This is something that actually affects the country. We see that effect or farmers do, in the family farms being lost due to an unnecessary trade war with china. We see it in the rate of hate crimes rising off the charts. You can’t argue that it hasn’t, and isn’t currently continuing to affect the country. This being said……

I don’t like it when the FBI, is making 17 major errors either…. However, they did still manage to come to  the right conclusion.

No part of this gives me joy.

Roughly the same time I graduated the Iraq war and  afganistan war were going on. I watched boys I knew going to die. 5 and a half years later I watched the light go out of my kid sister’s eyes when she thought that factor through as it would happen to the boys of her year as well…. I am 39 years old. We have been at war since I was a teenager. A war I opposed then and got told I was unamerican for wanting to protect my boys and the ones that came after. When they passed the Patriot Act, I read every word spent a year researching and concluded it was bad. But again I was unamerican. I am a citizen of the world perhaps more than I am american….. I dunno….

But it seems abundantly clear, that this president sadly couldn’t hold it together….whatever….. He isn’t fit for office and now I am saying it. Not impeaching is unamerican. If we want a democracy Trump sadly has to go. Not because anyone is deplorable or because one side is right one is wrong. But because, he broke the law. He has enacted a constitutional crisis and this is our only way out of it.

I hear a lot of talk about civil war…. No one went to war when Clinton was impeached over a BJ, so why it should happen now escapes me. But I can’t help but wonder if it might be for the best to non violently join Canada here in the North East……….. And I feel the need to point out another great nation and it’s civil war only a bit over 60 some years agoish…. A man named Vaino Linna, a soldier, wrote a book called The Unknown Soldier. It discusses in detail all the horrible stuff the Finnish military did to invading Russians. He chronicles their loss of humanity in a war to protect their wives and daughters  from an invading army massively larger than themselves…. The last words of the book after you read all the atrocities, are, “these are good men.” And the men of Finland did what they had to, gave up what they must to protect their loved ones and nation. It sparked an unbelievable debate in Finland about the roll of war for Finland. They don’t go to war now, until and unless, Finland is attacked or invaded. Because to force people to give up their humanity should be a pretty high bar to meet to do it. Later, the unknown soldier got a name in the trilogy Under The North Star. I would like to see these books required reading in our public schools…. I would hope for all of us, if we do decide to ditch our unitedness that it be done peacefully.

As I said, political posts are extremely rare. But I can’t stay silent in the middle of a historic event while children are sitting in cages and Putin is singing in a major key.

My apologies for this one.
I don’t want to honestly get into it so I am trying to keep it short and brief while being honest about my feelings. And I remind everyone, we are all entitled to disagree…. And these are just my opinion.
I am just a farmer.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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