How You Like Them Apples?!


The sky is grey, has been all day. The air is stagnant. The smoke from the wild fires on the other side of the country is terribly suffocating when added to the choking humidity. It is a rare day this summer when it isn’t 90 plus degrees. The wildflowers, are out there like little warriors facing down the cloud cover demanding the return of the sun… It is so very green here due to a month plus of endless rain often torrential, which is nice even against the grey above. The sun is going down why it bothers I don’t know. It’s not like we have seen it all day anyway….

Walking around the farm when it is cool and not in the 90s is a treat this summer and to be taken advantage of as often as possible. I like to look in on the trees. Tess, the friendly red maple tree, is out there as usual this summer holding up the sky. She seems weighted down by the air, holding up the stagnant sky can’t be easy. You can see her suffering on days like today. She isn’t happy and dancing. She is… withstanding the heaviness of the day. I feel a bit sorry for her. She has been holding a heavy weight all summer. And she looks somehow actively miserable about the stagnation and humidity. I can feel her exhaustion in conditions like this. I gave her a hug, but I don’t know that she noticed. I am not sure she is able to borrow my strength. I tried to loan her some all the same.

It is eerily quiet outside. Usually the birds are dive bombing everywhere. Usually they are boisterous and noisy, actively up there in the trees laughing at my slow dogs when they go outside. The birds will come to tease them. They drop down low above the dogs then suddenly there they are, back up high in the trees laughing down loudly. But not today. (Note to self, find out what is up with the birds.) Whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Our wild visitors here are somewhat regular. Not long ago a moose dropped through a nearby neighbor’s yard, and a strange pair of eyes scared off the deer the other night. I have seen many varieties of birds, the bunnies are a little too plentiful. Coyotes drop by now and again. But some of our most frequent visitors are the thieves. You know, they wear horns and fur masks and carry out their theft unarmed because they are on four legs… The other night, whatever has been scaring them off lately wasn’t there. And it looks as if they got into my very poorly kept fruit trees. (note to self, find an arborist to teach me proper care for fruit trees.) You can see them up to no good in the video made by our trail cams. I am surprised the dogs didn’t have a melt down… I mean they go nuts over every bunny in the yard but when these thieves showed up not a peep from the dogs….

I hope the birds are ok…. I am really quite concerned, sitting here as the sun drops a bit further in the sky, and the air stays still, heavy and suffocating, and Tess stands strong against the curses offered to her by the changing climate. What are we going to do, climate change is gonna get ugly… It already is. It kills 5 million people a year. I wonder if that is what happened to the birds? Could that be why I hear no laughing bird songs? I miss them.

(Note to self, thank readers for reading.)
Thank you for reading.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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