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The sunlight spills in to spite the cloudiness of the sky in the kitchen today. All kinds of fun and interesting things happen in the Wildflower kitchen. Things get canned, dehydrated, created….. Potted……… eaten, thrown out, put away, cleaned, put away, etc…. I like to say that the kitchen is the only place even more full of life than the gardens.Right now, we are making a concerted effort to cut down substantially on 2 things. Plastic waste, and fossil fuels. One way I have chosen to do that is by producing my own cleaning supplies and adding even more life and activity to the kitchen.

I have switched us to something called Soap Nuts. I have found the reports about them are not always so true…. As it pertains to how well they work. Which isn’t to say they don’t work. Does that mean you can’t re-use them? Depends how you have used them in the past. If just tossed in the laundry you can easily get 3-4 washes out of each collection of 12 to 15 soap nuts. However, if you do what I am doing with them now when finished take them out and just dump them in the gardens from the muslin bag then throw the bag in the laundry. So the claims of 6-10 washes and such that is fiction. But 3 or 4 is definitely true. And given what they cost, I am definitely saving money by using them instead of a detergent… Just not the massive savings that were presented. About half that. Which for us is just fine. But I like to be full complete and honest about our materials here. This isn’t to say soap nuts are bad. They are very very very good! Just not as good as some presentations I have now seen would have everyone believe….

Anyway, one thing I had planned to have up by now was something on producing homemade apple scrap vinegar at home. Something I do regularly, as it is fabulous to help with cleaning and with the animals added to their water as a natural wormer. But unfortunately I am so behind right now I have not yet got that up yet. But I promise I will get it up as soon as I have some more time.

To make Wildflower Farm Dish Soap, you will need, 20-30 soap nuts, 1 and a 1/4 cup vinegar, 2-3 cups water, and the juice of 1 lemon, FOOD GRADE orange essential oil for fragrance. Pour it all in a pot, and boil. If you put the soap nuts in without a muslin bag, or if you got lemon seeds in it, you will have to strain it after you pop the pot on the stove and boil it for 15-30 minutes, mixing it periodically. Take it off the heat, allow it to cool and then it’s time to strain it as you pour it into a glass jar container which you can set out by the sink, or  keep some stored for next time in a glass jar in the fridge.

This stuff works great. No complaints, I use this stuff in many ways…. I even throw a half cup in with a bag of soap nuts I toss in my  laundry, hang dry, bring in, put in drier for 15 minutes to lose stiffness from hang drying, toss in reusable drier balls with a few drops of the essential oil of your choice, run and done, fold and put away. Super happy with it. I hope it works in your home as well as mine. Now, I have some dead soap nuts to empty outside in the garden.

For me what is nicest is there is so little waste. No plastic to end up in a landfill, no fossil fuels involved in production or really transportation as almost everything  is made at home. And when soap nuts break down, just scrape them out of muslin bag into the garden, reuse glass containers!!! It really is perfect and though it does not produce much in the way of suds, it works great.

Thank you for reading.
I will try to do better by making time to blog more often… Just so busy lately….
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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