Homestead Rosemary Caramel, A Thanksgiving Treat

Rosemary Caramel needs to be salted still and sliced.

The cold has begun to scream and bite. Today, there was the gloom of snow. Dare I say it felt a bit like the sky was constipated. Heavy with a load of snow, grey from the misery of holding it in. The air was frigid, and slightly windy. Even my small dog wanted to rush back into the house when the four of us took our daily constitutional. The leaves didn’t make a sound because they are gone now. No longer colorfully festive, they litter the ground like forgotten waste. The winter silence is beginning to set in without the rustling of the leaves. Soon it will be Christmas… In only a few days the Christmas decorations will come out, and the tree will come in. The carols will begin to be sung, and the bright lights will light up the deep New England winter silent darkness.

But, before all that can happen another festival will hit in only a few days. Thanksgiving. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I did the first of the cooking for it today. Tomorrow, I will pick up the giant fresh turkey we ordered from another local farm, I will go see Pete, in the morning and get home hopefully before 2 pm. At which time the cooking will become all consuming. There will be cinnamon corn bread to make. Triple vanilla cookies, an apple pie, Finnish carrot casserole (my husband’s favorite,) and then the rest will arrive Thursday with our guests.

Our guests, will drive an hour and 15 minutes to Wildflower, all the way from Newburyport MA, right on the coast up at the northern most point of the state. They will travel inland, to our little colonial farm house. Bringing with them, a few little things to cook when they arrive, as well as already made salad and a few other things that make up a proper and traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.

They will find themselves greeted with salted rosemary caramels made by me right here on the farm, and some very nice hot spiced cider. For grandma, there will be some nice chamomile tea. The table will be set up if not fully set already by the time they arrive. And soon, the light outside will fade… And the bird will smell delicious roasting in the oven. When it is ready to come out, the food will be set out decoratively and our meal will begin.

I am super excited about the holidays. I am also in love with this new caramel. It is going to become a B&B staple I think… The idea for it came from a book we are reading in book club about a little inn where there is mention of this being set out for guests. I really don’t mind borrowing this from the book and making it a tradition here at Wildflower for our guests. It is sooooo good!

Enjoy your holidays everyone!
Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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