Goat’s Milk Face Bar

Goat’s Milk Soap Bar

When we moved here, costs began to mount. More for gas to go do pretty much anything. It was time to get more self sufficient to save some money. I was buying great skin care products that I absolutely loved. (Bless you Origins Skin Care, your products are wonderful, but costly.) Which is kinda fair. In that products that work well shouldn’t be free. They provide a product that serves a purpose. But they aren’t the only game in town. I got two hands, and a certification in herbalism through Cornell. What can I cook up for my own needs? I even have goats and goat’s milk contains lactic acid, like the stuff commonly used in facials. Using it every day should gradually do the job a facial would do.

Goat’s Milk soap bar

Then I began thinking about aging, what can I do about that in this bar to help keep skin ageless? At forty, this is something just beginning to matter. But it should have mattered too at twenty five.So a little moringa to replace collagen found it’s way into the formula. To improve skin there is some frankincense. For moisture so it won’t dry skin out, rose, some tea tree and lavender to fight bacteria and acne…. And some chamomile that offers an astringent property within the soap bar….. Calendula, and a little Yarrow even found their way in, to soothe and improve skin.

Herbally Medicated Goat’s Milk Face Bar

initially the idea, was for the kind of soap I was used to. The kind that comes in a plastic tube. But as I thought about what I was doing, I looked out my window at my beautiful forest. And I started to ask myself the same question I have always asked myself when I look to the woods…. When the wildness is all one giant land fill full of plastic tubes…. Who will comfort me? It was time to rework the plan. A bar packaged in package became my new goal and it was so easy a switch to make. Packaged in cardboard box that will gradually break down… This is a solution I can live with.

My herbally medicated face bar was made. I fell in absolute love with it from the first use. It did amazing and beautiful things to my skin. And it was natural. For the first time I went outside and I felt the wind on my face, rather than feeling it interacting with the chemicals on my face. This is another one we offer in our self care package for the B&B. A decision was made after my early tests, this would be my new product for my face. Now all I needed to do was design some sort of witch hazel based herbally medicated toner and a moisturizer. So, I did. But those are stories for another day.

When I added up my costs and how many I could make for a relatively l0w budget, I came up with a price that may still not be free, but is far better for a product I find to work better even than my old product that I paid three plus times as much for.

I am really happy with this stuff, so I am adding my extra to the shop. So that perhaps it can also help me support the farm a little bit. I hope people will consider giving this stuff a try, because it truly is a real work of homestead ingenuity.
Thank you for reading
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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