Finally a guest!

A recent guest, over in the vicinity of the chicken coops.

And this, is why we keep trail cams. We like to know who is visiting the property. Check out this bad boy a bit closer to the chicken coop than is good news. He seems to have dropped by in the last few days. I feel pretty sure he was seeking a chicken dinner. He failed to get one. But yikes! Yes, there are cameras on the property. No they are not there watching you when you stay here as a guest to the B&B. They are here, monitoring the wild life in the area. It helps with our farming. This is important information for homesteaders to have, what is creeping around the property and where it is creeping. Our cameras are solely focused outside on areas that might be of interest to wildlife.

He is a pretty big boy. I am guessing a “coywolf.” Which is a variety of coyote that is the product of interbreeding between grey wolves, dogs, and the standard coyotes we have in this region. They are somewhat larger than the typical coyote, but nowhere near the size of a wolf. They are wild animals, opportunists that are just in the area looking for a meal. We try not to court them. We also do not shoot them. We do what we can to encourage them to leave us alone. But sometimes… They show up around the chicken coop with nefarious plans for our chickens that never seem to plan out because like any well done chicken coop, it is well constructed and stands up well to predators thus far anyway.

This guy right here, is why our dogs bark at night sometimes. I saw him too in person the other day. He was just hanging out in front of the house making my skin crawl. But this is homesteading. Sometimes wild animals come calling. So here is our most recent visitor.

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Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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