Evening In The Flower Grotto

The Flower Grotto

Yesterday, I spoke about one of my favorite spaces to hang out outside. The Flower Grotto. When it is warm enough, I like to light the citronella candles, and hang out there. Often, I write, sometimes I snack. Other times I day dream about the mysteries of the forest area that partially surrounds our little homestead farm. It’s where Dr. Farmer Moomin, goes to BBQ dinner for us in the summer months and a space our sometimes lazy dogs like to sleep outside to keep us company. It is located at the heart of our cute raised bed herb garden. The Humming Bird Herb Garden. We enjoy watching the occasional humming birds that pass through to take advantage of the humming bird feeder, as well as other local birds taking advantage of the seed feeder in a nearby tree. When the weather is nice, we like to eat outside at the outside table we put there. Sometimes we hang out and listen to podcasts or music, while we watch the goats on the hill.

Since I was speaking of this little outdoor space I thought a few photos were in order, to show just how magical it can be.

The Flower Grotto

It is a space for artists and dreamers where the imagination can run free, with the breeze that blows through carrying the fragrance of the near by lilacs mingling with the aroma of the surrounding herbs, woods, and wisteria when it is in bloom.

In the fading light near darkness of evening it becomes enchantingly romantic, and peaceful. During the sunny bright parts of the day, the bees hum in the wisteria, and it is the perfect lunch spot. First thing in the morning also when the weather is right coffee out there can be absolute perfection. Or even breakfast.

This is one of my favorite places especially while the wisteria blooms. I am so glad I got to share it here.

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Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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