Declaring Christmas Peace

Finland, where my husband is from, has an unbroken tradition that goes back centuries. Every Christmas Eve, peace is declared. Until then the festivities don’t really happen. First all gather by the tv to watch this all important announcement while they drink finnish Glogi, a kind of flavored wine garnished with almonds and raisins. They sit, stand,lay, together in the living room and everyone is solemn. Once the declaration is read the laughter rises in their eyes and the Finnish people become almost playfully light hearted.For my husband, it isn’t Christmas until the peace is  read. In  2012, Finland videoed the event and it was uploaded to Youtube. It is always the same announcement. Basically what is being said is, Finland, will maintain peace through Christmas. They will not engage in any violent activity until after the holiday so be on notice we will get you back after the holiday is over if you attack us over the holiday. You want to fight immediately? Tough. You must wait. This is a watered down overly simplified translation.

I have watched the peace declared yearly now since I was a just a 25 year old kid…. I watch to be supportive of my husband’s traditions and because it is such a beautiful concept. A peaceful holiday in a world of chaos. This tradition came home with me from my adventures traveling the world. It has become a main stay of all my Christmases. I wish more nations did this, imagine….. Some peace.

I treasure this tradition gifted to me so kindly by the Finnish people. Kiitos!

Thanx for checking out this beautiful tradition.
Merry Christmas and I will return after the New Year.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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