Communing With The Trees

Pikku, the dog, photo bombing picture of Wildflower Farm House.

Surrounded by woods, I like to go out and walk the farm road. I have built an “understanding” with the forest trees over time here. When I go out we greet each other as friends. Yesterday, I took Pikku with me to just feel nature around us a bit. Pikku, sniffed around and I took some photos of the farm and the line of the woods.


I call this photo progression because I noticed some things, possibly because of the NE legal green and partly just cuz my mind is strange….I noticed that tiny planted by me apple tree, standing low against the backdrop of the willow which also stood in front of a larger tree, which too stood by a larger tree, which stood close to an even larger tree standing amongst a forest of trees. A comparison in a sense of the size of man when compared to the colossalness of nature….. And still back and small on the left stands a wooden shed, the progression of a living forest into man made, man planted, man harvested…. Through all of the cycle…

Myth becomes lore on the swing by the fairy forest….. Just at the edge of the quotidian realm…

One of my favorite places in the yard…. I actually altered this photo in several different ways with my phone… I wanted to play with mood and vibe. And no I am not a photographer. Just a quarantined inn keeping currently closed homesteading housewife. I just enjoy all that is creative. So I am going to share some of the other versions.

Maybe for a book of fairy tales? Once upon a time in the deep woods…..

This one, puts me in mind a bit of an old book of fairy tales from my childhood.

The Natural Version

This last one I love because of the lush naturalness of it…. The way I can smell early spring in New England, just by looking at it.

The Fence

This one, was all about the comparative greatness of human made fencing and nature’s own fence the tree line. The values of people on our side of the fence, the magic of nature barred to us by the tree line of the woods…

Yeh, I will never make it as an artist and most certainly never as a photographer.
But it was something to do during quarantine.
I had a lovely time with my trees.
Thank you for reading.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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