Cinnamon Rolls Christmas Brunch

Cinnamon Rolls Christmas Brunch.

Today, I am the matriarch of the house…. But  as a child, it  was my mum who filled the roll I fill now. Every Christmas morning after presents, we would head for the kitchen and there would be a beautiful, decoratively displayed, feast!It was so magical, this abundant feast of every delicious thing we could ever imagine…. Set up on the table, waiting for us. Today, making  the magic is my job and it can be exhausting. This year the magic I made between being used by the dogs as a climbing structure and between finding the stuff my husband puts down and loses…. Today, cinnamon buns were not disappointing as the magic cooked up for a christmas brunch. Next thing going into the oven will be a giant turkey, for tonight!

Thank you
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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