“Children and Jimmy Carter ruin your best laid plans.” -Tina Fay

Chocolate Cinnamon Buns, still need to add glaze on top.

Today was a day of ruined plans… It began last night with my cast iron frying pan. Dr. Farmer Moomin, used it to produce a lovely dinner. He knows that is my go to pot. I use it for 90% of my breakfasts. We had a wonderful set of young guests who were an absolute joy to have here at the farm. Dr. Farmer Moomin, swore up and down he would clean my cast iron pot so I could make everyone my savory english muffins to go with the bacon I was planning for this morning… Well, the cleaning never happened and feeling secure in hearing him say he would do it…. I forgot all about it.

I woke up to a disaster. My best laid plans were dashed. The pot was still filthy and cleaning it was going to take some time. So it isn’t just children and Jimmy Carter, who ruin well laid plans. Dr. Farmer Moomin, is quite adept at plan ruining also when he is feeling forgetful.

Given this disaster… I opted to do some cinnamon buns instead. Chocolate cinnamon buns a new experiment. Recipe will be coming soon but for now, I just thought I would talk about how best laid plans are commonly destroyed because I am running into it a lot today.

I ended up with a giant kitchen mess I hadn’t planned for and I had book club meeting at noon. My scheduling was now a mess as I had to prep and make a whole new breakfast for the guests and for us too. It was also an experimental dish as I had never made chocolate cinnamon before. But they looked good on my computer screen, where I first came across the idea. It lead to some clumsiness and even dirtying kitchen stuff that might have been unnecessary to dirty and left me with a mess. Dinner last night clean up and this new meal I had to make from scratch as an experiment in a major hurry.

The guests finished eating and took off just in time for book club set up and prep. We had several rsvps for book club…. Only then after planning the club meeting literally a month in advance, we ran into a no show situation where only 1 person bothered to show up. Highly uncommon. Usually we have a number of people gathering for book club. So I have now slaved from 8:30 am to noon…. Only to find that those I did it all for weren’t coming. Leaving me with not just a double mess but a triple mess to clean up (and I sit here typing this and procrastinating because I really don’t want to do all that cleaning right now.)

So it has been a rough day full of well and carefully made plans all ruined today. But I am trying to stay calm and just roll with it. The chocolate cinnamon were a major success and a major hit both with Dr. Farmer Moomin, the guests, and the 1 member of the book club who came, (I love you Jen.) but they took a while longer to prepare than I had planned and made more of a mess than I had planned on for today.

I find myself feeling tired from having to patch the holes that were put in my plans, but I am not unhappy. We took a break from the mess and planned our christmas holidays, now we are watching the patriots play football, something I really don’t enjoy. Once I have a bit more of a rest, I will get up and go start processing the mess.

And that is my day. The house smells beautiful though, and the chocolate cinnamon buns came out more amazing than I could have hoped for. But really so much chaos today…. And sometimes, that is what it is to be a homesteader. Stuff doesn’t always go as planned. What do you do? You have many choices. If you want things to function, it means you must simply accept that you have to be flexible, to get the most benefit out of this homestead moment. Flexibility is a skill. One homesteaders work on with some regularity, and it can at times make or break homesteading as a lifestyle. Planning is super important. But so is that sometimes necessary flexibility when the pieces don’t come together as planned. You don’t get to lie down and give up. You can’t. Because when you do, everything falls apart. The work load involved in re-establishing function is just far more all consuming, exhausting, and high cost in energy, than that involved in making a pivot, then continuing on. So part of one’s planning as a homesteader is making sure you can always make a pivot as needed. Rigidity, can be very detrimental on the homestead.

I am going to take a half hour nap.
Thank you for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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