Wildflower Farm, is in an odd and almost hidden location…. Because of our rather unique placement, it is a small 5 acre world unto itself.  Especially when it  is green and the leaves are dancing with the sky. It appears almost as if there are no neighbors and what hints you see are some ways away…. So while the world seems to be  going to Covid hell in a hand basket… Here, we have peace. Here, we have the ghost of a dream come true. Today, I wanted to share some of the beauty of this little plot of earth… I think we are seeing so much in general right now that we lose perspective on the awesome beauty that is the nature surrounding us.


Dr. Farmer Moomin, took these  pictures. Just some pretty flowers around the farm… He is still working, ( thank god. There by the grace…. Go I, as they say.)  But he works from home  these days… So less commuting more time for fun projects like some pictures of pretty flowers.


Every day, I get up, feed the animals, water my gardens, and I am beginning to wonder if normal will ever return. But looking at these beautiful flowers and the green around me…. Knowing in July, there will be  berries, and in september apples and  the harvest, then winter with the long darkness and cozy hibernation with a book and hot tea by the wood stove…. Staying here indefinitely, doesn’t feel so bad. Certainly doesn’t feel like a prison. Still, it would be nice if we had a vaccine…. Till then, we take the beauty where we can find it, and we watch the crazy implosion cuz it seems like there is almost nothing else  new to watch right now…. It is a scary  time. But here at the farm I feel pretty safe. There are a lot worse situations we could be in right now….. And for those having a harder time than we are…. These flowers, are for you. Because we care… Please, hang in there.


The Covid crazy seems to be taking over and I won’t lie… I too have my moments. And in those moments I try to think about all those people marching for a better more equitable, fair world where everyone’s life matters but especially the lives of those under attack in our streets. Then I ask myself… Am I doing something that will leave the world better? Or am I just loosing my business? It usually straightens out my head pretty quick. As for the former if the answer is yes it does. Then stay the course and I don’t care how crazy it is. I am in a world of my very own here outside the larger world in every way that matters…. So who cares? If it is the latter, it sure clarifies it for me so I can see it and take a step back. And the days keep passing…. A deadly contagion keeps spreading and here, wee  raid  our strawberry patch, wile we listen to the birds sing.

This situation will not last forever.
We all need to hang in there.
The initial shock is over.
We have had our melt down.
Now, it is time to rise  up and put a mask on and shut this thing down as  quickly as we can.
So that we might all get back to normal.
All my love.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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