Bannish Tea For Female Woes

Making Tea (dandelion, food grade lavender, cinnamon stick, fresh raspberry leaves.

We should all be adults here. I know I certainly am not writing for the under age crowd. I write assuming they are busy on Tiktok, not at all interested in what I have to talk about. My life is a very natural one in a vast many aspects. I like it that way. One part of nature is human biology. So let’s have a small chat about reproductive system and what women go through. It is a miserable experience. You don’t feel well there is pressure and cramping and bloating in the lower stomach, your head hurts, your breasts may ache, etc…. We all know what this time of the month is like. I doubt any of us enjoy it. It is decidedly unpleasant and for a variety of related reasons. or at least it is for me. I get terrible cramps sometimes…

tea in tea bag.

What I do, for this female misery is very simple. I pull out the herbs and I make a tea. Usually it contains motherwort, raspberry leaf (in this case fresh, I pulled it from off my raspberry bushes in the barn yard.) It also includes dandelion, and lavender, and cinnamon. All of these herbs are great for supporting the reproductive system. More importantly, they all treat menstrual pain and discomfort.

Prepping the tea cup

I strongly recommend honey with this recipe because well, without it, it is very horrible. Even with it it is horrible. But not as horrible as the other option… Not taking it and suffering for a week in misery and pain. When did medicine ever taste good? And oh yes, this is medicine. it is nature’s medicine.

1 small part dandelion (dandelion is a diuretic, seriously, go easy or you will spend a lot of time on the toilet after taking it.)
1 large part raspberry leaf
1 part lavender
1 part motherwort
1 cinnamon stick

You can use all dried herbs, or if you have a raspberry bush, go steal yourself some leaves that are fresh as I just did. Whatever you use, make sure it is food grade and safe. Look up Mountain Rose Herbs, they are a great source for safe herbs.


Mix your herbs, put them in a container or bag, drop that in a cup garnished with a cinnamon stick and some honey, fill cup with boiling water, allow it to sit for several minutes to steep. Drink. Feel better.

Menstrual Cramp Banisher.

I call this tea Bannish. Because that is what it does to my cramps and headaches. Sometimes to give it even more teeth I add a little willow bark as well.

This is not a pleasant subject, i realize it is a bit taboo, we are not supposed to talk about these matters. They are nature doing what nature does. And a homesteader’s life is a natural life. I will discuss these issues, because perhaps this tea can help someone else. Always talk to your doctor before you take anything because you don’t know what may interact or what health conditions could be impacted. But for a healthy person, with no other supplements or medications, this tea should be quite safe and highly effective.

Thank you for reading
I am going to get some chocolate now.
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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