Adventures In Apple Experiments

Apples Wildflower Style!

Just sitting here after the rain…  Alone, with the smell of apples, molasses, maple sugar, and cinnamon, wafting through the house, getting caught in the air bubbles of the old barn wood beams of the kitchen… Holding the fragrance so it lasts longer than you would think it should… The beautiful aroma, mixes with the smell of cold New England, spring rain and damp that remains from the passing rain shower. It’s nice here in the quiet, examining my own mind and the ego that is uniquely mine, for a few moments.

Remove the skin and the core.

My mother has left, gone home to the ocean where she prefers to be…. Where the sea birds scream and the ocean speaks in a voice that sounds oddly like my forest singing with the wind. Mom was a huge help. We were able to get a bunch of  apples processed. We filled the entire Excaliber! It took a while both of us at our respective cutting boards. We put on nice music and we got to work. We chopped soooooo many apples it was almost scary. We decided to try a couple new experiments.

Mom, helping me chop apples.

We made a lot of plane apples for drying. We cut the skin off as instructed…. But then we tried something different just to satisfy curiosity. We left the skin on to see what might happen! So in a few hours we should know. I tried another experiment, Wildflower Homestead Candy, Apple, sprinkled with molasses sugar, maple sugar, and cinnamon. I think it will come out fabulous. It seems to be doing just fine in the dehydrator with all the rest of it. But now there is nothing more  I can do, as the sun is beginning to set and half the day running necessary errands vital to the farm, doing a little yard work, and working in the kitchen I am pretty tired…

My experiments and standard fare in the dehydrator.

I think being able to experiment in my kitchen like a mad scientist in his lab is one of the greatest parts of homesteading. I feel happy mixing my ingredients and applying my tools and seeing what shakes out. Everything becomes an adventure.

Thank you for visiting my kitchen lab of curios….
Please, be a regular guest. 🙂
This has been a lovely adventure thank you for joining me.
And look, the clouds are returning soon, more rain, water for berry bushes still sleeping.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm


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