A Trip To The Brewster Book Store For Some Beach Reads

The Brewster Book Store

The Wildflower Farm Book Club, would like to issue a thank you to one of our favorite book stores. Most of the book club discovered this place on our Cape Cod Trip. It has been in operation for I want to say loosely 40 years. I remember it opened when I was a very young child. My mother used to love it in the old days of my grand parent’s place in Sea Pines a short walk from this fabulous shop. She used to take me to this place as a little girl quite often. When I went down with the Book Club, I immediately thought of this place as a nice stop for us.

We visited several book stores over our short stay at Cape Cod, several even the ritzy town of Chatham. All of them were spectacular… But this one was our favorite. Mainly because of the staff. Unlike at the other places where people were just phoning it in, these people were super excited and they seemed happy. They were thrilled to be helpful and they were friendly on a large scale. They also knew a lot about their products. Many book stores just hire someone who can work a cash register. This store was manned or rather womaned, by readers. It was definitely a bit of a girl power place which also sat well with us, though they were welcoming to all who we saw enter their shop of all genders, colors, persuasions, and kinds. What a breath of fresh sea air.

The Brewster Book Store

We had a fantastic time adventuring around this store exploring our way through their shelves. They have so much in a rather small space.

Brewster Book Store

They had a wonderful children’s section and a very nice young adult section, and tons of books in just about every genre. Anything they didn’t have they looked up and offered to order.

Brewster Book Store

Brewster, has changed a lot over the last 40 years… For the most part, my feeling is not for the better. But this book store, I will always be so grateful for, and so will the book club that now loves it as much as I do. So our thanks to the Brewster Book Store.

Something to note, while I was there, they were talking to our book club, about creating a space for book clubs more local to Brewster Cape Cod to meet. I gotta say, if we were local to the area, this would be a situation we would be jumping at. We hope this new endeavor works well for them and we highly recommend this place as a place to meet or to visit just to purchase something to read, because you leave with a new set of warm hearted friends who in the future when next you go in will have all kinds of great book recommendations.

Thank you Brewster Book Store.
Thank you readers for reading, and if you find yourselves in the area, I really recommend a stop in to this book store over all others on the Cape.
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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