A Trip To Maine

Light House , Cape Elizabeth Maine


The darkness of the night rides on the back of the New England mist, as it rolls in as a thick veil of fog. I can smell the cold rain that will soon fall from the darkened sky. But I am cozy inside. New England, gets inside of you. If you live here long enough, You will feel weather changes, coming, snow storms, thunder when the wind changes in the summer, the humidity and stillness,  followed by small gusts of wind that pick up  dragging thunderstorms in their wake…If you watch the leaves just before thunder starts, you will feel the wind picking up and raising the leaves upward, it really is a  strange phenomina. You can feel it through  every fiber of your being. Nowhere else on earth has ever affected me quite this way…. I don’t need the light of the day time sun, to see the mist, to know it is rising. I feel it in my bones.


Cape Elizabeth, Lobster traps by the winter sea.

I tell the children who stay here, that smell, weather it is the smell of snow, cold, rain, or fog, is the smell of the hills and dales of Fairyland, I tell them if they try, they might even be able to smell the Fairy Queen’s apple orchards… (I use this last bit only during apple season. Because this town is made up of farms and orchards. We are over run by the smell of orchards certain times of the year.) I believe in encouraging imagination. So many adventures that teach  so much simply can’t be had any other way. This place inspires my own imagination, I enjoy sharing the gift.

New Friends in Cape Elizabeth Maine.

This winter has  been alarmingly mild… Little snow…. Not enough cold. Just lots of damp and mild climate. So, my husband and I, decided to do what we have never before done in 12 years of marriage. We  packed some stuff, found a weekend farm and dog sitter, and we started driving up the coast in search of the home of the cold north winter wind. And oh boy did we find it! We booked ourselves a spot at a  farm not all that unsimilar to our own, located in Cape Elizabeth. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3520366?source_impression_id=p3_1579909557_vYLmAPnf5O0a1H63
is where we stayed.

Someone else’s goats!

The people who run this farm are very nice, highly professional at what they do. The provide a beautiful clean space. This place checked all our boxes in  the best ways possible. I am really glad we decided to try staying at a place similar to our own as guests. It isn’t often I view what I do and the magic I make for others, as one of those others. I got to do that here. We had a marvelous time. We met a pair of alpacas, and made a number of new goat  friends, and hopefully some new people friends too. We really enjoyed our check in experience, when we met our host. We can’t possibly ever thank them enough. I think they are a great place to stay if ever you go  to the Cape  Elizabeth area of Maine. I highly recommend this place. Claw foot bath tub, super hot water…. I was in heaven, and not on call, working around the farm, or responsible for anyone’s welfare. For 1 whole weekend I got to kick back and remember who I was before I became a dog climbing structure, and a felon  goat goatcatraz prison warden.

Sorry about the bit of mitten on the left side!

About a 10 minute drive was a beautiful, historic mill town, now a tourist attraction shopping area. We tried to walk through… But ummm, On the day we went here, Cape Elizabeth, had to be colder than Siberia! We sure did find the home of the north wind! The cold surpassed horrific landing somewhere around as we New Englanders say, “wicked.” It was so cold. So we weren’t out long. And most of our touring was done by car. But for a moment, winter was truly winter.

We went to the water. I took some photos of the ocean, and of a  beautiful coastal lighthouse….

Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Finally the cold sky got dark, we went  back to our little spot…. It was bath time after all that freezing. We rested and hung out…. Got up the next morning, tried to leave it some semblance of how we found it. We hopped  in the car and began the long trek back home to our own place, feeling very satisfied….. Around the area of York Beach, we made a detour to visit my favorite library on earth. Many of the books you can’t touch without gloves…… They are so so old…. About ancient philosophies and cultures and spiritual systems  found all over the world…. Gathered in one beautiful private library that is the home of several mysteries….. But this adventure is one for another time.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the goings on of this little farm.
I hope it makes you dream and awakens your imagination….
We had a couple wonderful adventures.
Our grattitude to the airBnB we stayed at in Cape  Elizabeth.
We will visit again!

Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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