A Sweater For Winter

The Winter Hearth.

The hearth of the home is a special place. Especially here. The whole house revolves around the hearth. That is simply the lay out. I enjoy sitting near  the fire with a nice knitting project, or on occasion working the spinning wheel even if poorly. As they say, ubung macht den meister. Work makes the master. Or, as we say it here, “practice makes perfect.”  I could use quite a bit. But I work on it gradually.

Eventually it will be a sweater. And why YES, I AM knitting cables.


When I was little I learned the core basics from a lefty. In high school, I sold the odd piece very infrequently. Then, one day I just stopped. For many years. Being located so near to Harvard Mass, with The Fiber Loft, have re-ignited the spark. I am trying to relearn what I only half remember. It’s a good time.

This winter sweater is made from bulkier  yarn. It is  a fairly quick knit. And, yes, I am knitting cables! It’s very relaxing to knit by the fire. when you smell cold damp outside and the sky is flashing a warning, flying thick, grey,  low hanging clouds….. Safe and cozy, chilling inside with tea and my knitting, watching my goats through a back  window….. What a perfect moment for a homesteading farm wife.

Wildflower Farm Hearth, the heart of the home is a creative one

I love moments like this. The dogs lay quiet around me napping, all of them snoring like aging truckers…..Warm and cozy….. I don’t wonder for a moment if I did the  right thing when we dumped the city to live the homesteading , and farming life style. Moments like this, I know I did exactly right. I am where I am supposed to be doing what I am supposed to be doing. Once in a while, I miss the city  convenience…. But oh, I wouldn’t trade twilight on the back patio, sitting with my knitting and watching the fire flies dancing with the trees at the edge of the woods…..  Not for anything. Those slow moments, on a farm, so full of scope for the imagination and the creative mind…. Sitting, creating with my hands, watching as the fire flies weave all around the trees, and the slight breeze, allows the trees to beckon calling in a voice uniquely their own……  There is a quiet joy, knowing I created this perfect moment, that is the real craft here. You thought this was about a sweater?

Thank you  for enjoying this perfect moment with me.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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