A New Focal Point For Christmas

We finally finished the fireplace in the tv room adding a beautiful and simple mantel.

Yeh, I know I should clean up the floor by the fireplace. But we are real here on this blog about our imperfections. I don’t do this for pinterest pins. I do it to document the way we live here and life at Wildflower Farm. I wear many hats here, house cleaner, personal shopper, animal care giver, farmer, homesteader, cook and restaurant staff, resident artist, manufacturer, food preserver and so very very many more. Realistically, I don’t always have time for the simple little stuff. So excuse the fireplace it’s realness. Just because it isn’t clean in these photos doesn’t mean I don’t clean it regularly. Just that I don’t have the time to spare every two hours.

Christmas Mantel

I am really thrilled to finally have a mantel in the tv room. it has been bugging me since we moved in over seven years ago. I always hated this room it always felt ratty to me. Having people hang out in here always made me feel self conscious at the unfinished rattiness. Everyone thought it looked fine except me. But now, this room has becomes absolutely perfect and so beautiful. it is amazing what one little piece of old wood can do for a space, when it creates the most simple lovely focal point. I will never be ashamed of this room again. I can now be very proud of it. I am over the moon I am so happy.

Christmas Mantel

We got it up and dressed it lightly for christmas last night. It is just so lovely in here. I can now feel restful in this space without always being drawn to the fireplace for all the wrong reasons and feeling something simply isn’t right. Now nothing feels wrong. The focus is just right.

Thank you for reading and for being the first to see the new improved fireplace.
Amanda of Wildflower Farm


  • sandy Posted February 26, 2022 6:55 pm

    I scrolled through the gallery and immediately fixed on the beautiful framed quilt piece…so lovely as is the entire space.

    • wildflowerfarm Posted February 26, 2022 7:46 pm

      Ahhh yes, out in manitoba, a place I lived for some time… About 5 hours into the boondocks from Winnipeg, there at least used to be an adorable little antique store. The woman who ran it used to get these super old quilts from like practically ancient times.Think civil war and a bit after… Never from after the 1930s. She would cut them up to salvage what she could and would frame them in old barn wood frames. At the time, I was living on 20 acres, managing someone’s horses to keep the rent low while my husband did his first post doc at the local university an offshoot of the university of Winnipeg. I wanted to decorate my space. So mum and I picked up a few things. This was one of them. When we came back to the USA, we brought it with us. We got married and what little we had went into storage for years while we lived in EU. We couldn’t bring much… We returned, finally. We were going to stay in the apartment I had purchased in my early 20s… But that is when food suddenly started making me sick and trips to the hospital happened and we moved out here. We now had a house to decorate. Getting this piece out of storage and putting it up meant so very much to me. I was so happy to see it again. It’s a special piece that has so many stories to tell having seen so much of history.

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