A Little Photo From This Morning

A great picture of the newest goat Stella.

It’s been one of those days….. My dogs climbing me all day like some sort of woman shaped jungle gym. They step in every  tender place and cause pain as they climb and  torment me. We refer to annoying dog behavior as “bratting.” My mum wanted to yell at me on behalf of my kid sister about something dumb and accidental related to facebook….. And me? I just want to sleep mostly lately. This year has kicked my arse. I kicked an opioid addiction before it could fully take hold, lots of vomit was involved and sweating and shaking and yes a some weed to help with symptoms and with pain. The opioids came from the hospital when I busted my pelvis for the second time in multiple locations and this time I gave myself a hematoma to boot….. Anyway, I even had to call the CDC when the hospital in Worcester, gave me scabies….. Gross………… And that is only just the beginning of what wiped me out over last year….. So sleeping late while the ice is bad  is high on my list this winter. Because my husband likes to do the morning feed when it’s very icy, because not only do I have no sense of direction, pitch, volume, but I also have no sense of balance and the last thing any of us need is me, back on a walker again….But I love the sleeping in though I do miss my outside people a little. I appreciate not being at risk of another broken pelvis…. Sometimes, I get even luckier and he takes his camera with him to food the people…..Then photos like these result, and as bad as my day might  have been, at least I can view the beautiful sunrise on this very grey day, and  I can see that my animals aren’t just fine,they are beautiful.

Stella in the early morning light of a grey day

Homesteading is like life. Never happens quite as you plan, but when you make it work you get moments this kinda beautiful…..

Thank you for reading.
And thank you honey for these photos.
Thanx  all
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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