A Farewell To Christmas

Christmas Tree Ornaments.

It’s perhaps my least  favorite day of the year. Outside I smell rain slicked ice and the damp NE cold. Inside I smell a that nice wood stove cozy smell. It is that sad day of the year, when Christmas, gets boxed up and sent on sabbatical till next december. It is  positively depressing to put each memory away, as each one is linked to an ornament. They represent loved ones and friends some who are now long gone. Others, who are far away, and even those close to home. Each one I touch as I put in the box, my  heart says a quiet farewell to. Till next december and the next festival of lights!

Family Heirloom Ornaments.

Some of my ornaments hung on my father’s tree as a boy. They are especially touching. To get to hold a piece of family and family joy in my hands and to celebrate with it. It truly is a sacred precious few we treasure most. Worn  with the love  of my family for generations.

Christmas Boxed Up.

But at last, as I listen one final time to The Nutcracker playing in the background, I get it all boxed up and say my farewells and start looking ahead for new adventures in the new year.

I hope your holidays were glorious.
And this is my last Christmas post till next year!
Thank you for reading
Happy holidays, and best of luck in the new year.
Amanda Of Wildflower Farm

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