The Wildflower Farm Pot Rack.

One of the most important parts of farming and homesteading is organization. This pot rack ran us $110. It’s a bit of a DIY.  These three wooden bars are antique horse yolks. We hung them  on the  wall then just  popped ’em full of hooks. Now we hang our pots there. I bought the yolks on Etsy, and Dr. Farmer Moomin, did a wonderful job getting them  set up for our Mauviel, copper pots, as well as for our cast iron.

Old wooden horse yolks make an excellent pot rack.

I like to re-purpose. It is part and parcel of this lifestyle. Old rail road spikes, check, cut down used as pulls for kitchen drawers and cabinets.  An old horse drawn sled, now a beautiful coffee table in the library…. Old horse yolks, become a pot rack…. I love to give old things a new chance to shine  filling a different role than the one they remember from their previously lives as whatever they were created to be and do.

Pot Rack

One thing I have learned about farming and homesteading is the importance of organization. I keep a tub of stuff I use to make soap and other body products in the crawl space, along side my tub of things I use to create natural home cleaning products, which I then use in my home. For some cleaning supplies it saves time to just order Caldrea products…. I keep a carefully managed collection of binders. One on animals and their health and everything to do with them. I keep the same for myself and my husband. Important documents go in there etc…. And I keep a house binder so I  can keep track of everything home and yard related. I want to be sure at all times, no matter what happens to me, anyone could come in, pick up the binders, and find they have no trouble running everything here. I keep an organized pantry of jars….. There is no end to the need for organization. In fact, a farm with none is not a healthy farm. You need to know when you last wormed, when to get the dogs new dog licenses, who comes into heat when…. And so much more.

Farmers, we feed, we garden and most importantly we organize. It is the only method by which farms can grow and stay fully active and healthy. But it is a skill that takes a lot to learn and to become adept at. Without organization, everything falls apart  on a farm. With living things you are responsible for it is simply untenable for their sakes to be disorganized!

So that is my thought for the week. I had it a few minutes ago smiling at my beautiful pot rack.
Thanx for reading
Amanda of Wildflower Farm

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